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The perfect MR-7 material does not limit the choice of frame, and the aspherical design will provide wide field of view and aesthetics of the finished product
The impeccable balance of modern material, high-quality illuminating surface and large diameters make this position one of the best-selling on the Ukrainian market
The perfect material in the optics world, has maximum stregth, high Abbe number and 100% UV protection. 70 diameter up to +6.00 and aspheric surface allows to mount this lens into any type of frame according individual DP
Bifocal lens with reinforcing and multilayer coating and with the classical segment shape
The highest quality MR-7 material provides perfect lens transparency and optimum strength for mounting lens into the complex frames
A wide choice of diametrs, availability of high refractions and cylinders up to -3.00 allow to proceed with any difficult order
The highest quality provides impeccable aesthetics to the final customer. Perfect for high refraction. Covis 1.74 will satisfy the most demanding customer
The special superhydrophobic coating provides not only ease of care, but also provides comfortable use of the lens in the off-season and cold season. And also 70 diameter is allowed.
In plus refractions there is also 70 diameter, which does not limit the choice of frame.
COVIS has perfected eye protection against the negative effects of the blue spectrum. This lens protects not only from the aggressive blue range, but also from the entire short-wavelength range up to 420 nm.
The unique color pigment in the lens material and photochromic properties will provide comfortable use in bright sunlight and when driving in low light.
New: Astigmatic positions with cylinder up to -2.00
Modern technology of placement of photochromic molecules in the lens material provides fast dimming (enlightenment) and durability of the product
Photochromic lenses from a leading Korean manufacturer have high speed and rich color, do not distort natural color rendering
SMART glasses provide convenience and ease of use. Glasses in a unique format will always be at hand. BridgeSpring mounts securely fix the frame on the bridge of the nose.
SMART will not replace classic glasses, but will become a real help, for example, in situations where you need to see the bill or price in the store quickly.
Korean KOS material, combined with Japanese MR-8, makes this lens thinner and lighter, and more resistant to scratches and cracking. Ideal for full-rimmed frames.
Modern and high-quality photochromic lens made of improved Japanese material CW55. It darkens quickly and gets a nice brown color. In the room, the lens enlights up quickly enough
The high number of Abbe in CR-39 material reduces aberrations, which is a significant advantage in the manufacture of medical and sunglasses.
The absence of a coating allows to color the lens in various colors. 70 diameter extends the range of frames in almost the entire range.
Modern Japanese material CW55 and photochromic properties make this lens unsurpassed in its price segment. Rich gray color, fast dimming and enlightenment as well as ease of care are the main advantages of this model.
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    About company

    SEEBET- one of the largest Ukranian optical market agents

    The main product of the company – polymer lenses for vision correction by Italian manufacturer Divel Italia Spa, Korean brand Covis, own brands HILENS and Computron

    Head office is located in Dnipro, Service Centres are in Kyiv, Odesa and Kharkiv.

    Customer base includes more than 700 optic stores throughout Ukraine

    Our Mission is to provide optical comfort to everyone

    The Strategy is to provide the best service and actual range in mass demand positions

    The main principles of company activity:

    • People are the most important value of a the company
    • Building long-term relationship with the customer
    • The availability of systematic approach in communication with the customer

    SEEBET presents three category of polymer lenses – Standart, Business and Fusion

    Korean Business Class Lenses Covis (KOREA) are represented in Business and Fusion Category, which are well known in the world.
    Positions from 250 UAH per lens to 750 UAH per lens for a final customer in different refractive indexes and with different properties

    Computron is represented in Standart category. Positions from 100 UAH per lens to 450 UAH per lens for a final customer in different refractive indexes and with different properties


    2001 – Company founding. Opening of the Head Office in Dnipro. No-name optical lenses selling
    2004- Market lounch of own trade brands of mass segment polymer lenses Computron, Superlite.
    2005- The expansion of warehouse polymer lenses range up to 5 positions ( refractive indexes 1,49, 1,56, 1,61, 1,67, photochromic lenses, lenses with different coatings)
    2006 – Opening of Kyiv branch
    2008 – Opening of a branch in Odesa
    2009 -Exclusive distribution of Korean ophthalmologic Covis lenses. Launching of Covis lenses to market, which includes unique developments, such as driver`s photochromic lenses, multi-strength coatings and materials
    2010 – Opening of a branch in Donetsk. Assortment increases up to 8 positions
    2013 – Expansion of warehouse polymer lens range up to 10 positions
    2015 – Expansion of warehouse polymer lens range up to 13 positions
    2017 – Centralization customer support system. Creating a single call-center
    2017 – Launching of SEEBET’s own brand – as a provider of mass demand optical products, such as Covis and Computron
    2018 – Exclusive distribution of DIVEL ITALIA SPA, as a worldwide well known Italian manufacturer of optical and sun lenses. Market launch of Divel Italia optical lenses. Expansion of warehouse up to 16 positions
    2019 – Market launch of own-brand HILENS as the most demanded brand of optical lenses with marking sign in the middle price segment.
    TM HILENS is the own brand of company, which provides full manufacturing control that is using Korean high-quality material only
    The optical lens with marking sign is the guarantee of product originality. And official import ensures the safety of doing business for optics in Ukraine.